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Top Telecom sells wholesale Voice Services (Telephone calls, SMS) through connections between its infrastructure and
networks of the major telecom operators.

Voice service is a bulk calling service provided by Tier1 or Tier2 Carriers to SMEs, Call Centers and other Operators. Voice Termination refers to the routing if telephone calls from one Telephone Company, also known as a carrier or provider. The termination point is called party or end point. The originating point is the calling party who initiates the call. If you are looking for the best wholesale termination then we are here to provide you as per your expectations.

Top Telecom gives you the interconnection and termination option for your needs. Top Telecom can accommodate specific needs of services of service providers to design personalized solutions based on their unique requirements.

We provide below voice quality:-

Premium voice quality.
Wholesale voice quality.

Premium voice quality.

The highest quality with latest features such as 100% guaranteed CLI quality and roaming for fixed and mobile operators.
Premium Voice Quality route which provides the termination with highest voice quality over directs/Tier1s routes with decent ASR (Average Seizure Ratio) and NER(Network Efficiency Ratio). This Service is generally use by who needs the best quality of voice and does not want to compromise with quality.

Key Strength:

• Carefully Selected top Tier1 suppliers.
• 24x7 Technical Support.
• 24x7 Customer Support.
• Real Time Monitoring of quality.
• No FAS in the route.

Wholesale Voice Quality.

Wholesale Voice Services is one of the aggressive market worldwide. Wholesale carrier service provides cost effective solution for voice to A-Z destination where you may want connectivity service enables carriers and service providers to deliver traffic to more then 200 countries and territories. If you are looking to have improve in cost then wholesale Voice is the correct choice for your international traffic.

Key Strength:

• Quality deliver via best cost routes.
• Latest market price.
• Flexible payment terms.
• Focus on pricing at reliable quality.
• 24x7 customer support.
• 24x7 technical support.
• Selected supplies in the routing.