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Top Telecom sells wholesale Voice Services (Telephone calls, SMS) through connections between its infrastructure and
networks of the major telecom operators.

In this Service, business can order a single toll free number that spam more than 45 selected countries.
The number can assigned by The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) .

Advantages :-

Number is provided by ITU.
Termination to almost any country in the world.
Access from Payphones, Landline and Mobile.
Charge for the call will be to the called party and it’s free for the caller.
Available via VOIP/Toll interconnects.
Competitive rates.
High Retail call Quality.

Summary of UIFN:

Coverage- Available in more than 45 Countries.
Assignment of Number- Customer can select the Number and ITU assign it.
UIFN numbers consist of a prefix then 800 then 8 digits.
Example for UK :- 00800 xxxx xxxx where 00 is Prefix for UK.

Difference between ITFS & UIFN

UIFN Number are not available as many countries as ITFS Numbers.
UIFN has a one time universal registration free which is not required with ITFS numbers where the registration fee is paid by the carrier to ITU.
Customers are generally more comfortable calling ITFS numbers became they recognize them us toll free. Some UIFN numbers are not familiar or easy recognize.
Probably the most important difference is that with UIFN numbers different daily prefixes are required to the different parts of the world.