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Top Telecom sells wholesale Voice Services (Telephone calls, SMS) through connections between its infrastructure and
networks of the major telecom operators.

Telephone company facility that allows an outside caller to connect directly to an inside extension of an office without the help of an attendant or operator. Used mainly in direct marketing, each DID line(such as a 800 or 900 number) has a dialed Number identification services(DNIS) number attached to it. The firm’s computer or PBX is programmed to recognize this number and to accordingly route the call to its specific extension.
For example, if an organization has 25 employees and each employee has a separate telephone number, or extension, within its physical location, the organization can rent 10 physical trunk lines from the telephone company that will allow 10 phone calls to take place simultaneously. Others would have to wait for an available line and anyone dialing into the system while all 10lines are in use would get either a busy signal or be directed to a voice mail system. A DID system can be used for fax and voice transmissions.

Advantages :-

Access to a family of services that also includes ITFS and UIFN. All services combined, Covering more than 110 countries worldwide.
Service available from over 150 cities, in a diversity of geographical regions (Europe, North America, Asia, etc).
Easy Implementation and competitive rates.
Worldwide termination.