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Top Telecom sells wholesale Voice Services (Telephone calls, SMS) through connections between its infrastructure and
networks of the major telecom operators.

Our International toll free services allow our clients to receive toll free calls from pay phones, Land line or mobile phones from more than 110 selected countries globally.
End-users no need to pay unless it require by their service provider of pay phone/mobile(Air time charge).
This is a cost effective solution for conferencing, calling card, business support and call centers.

Advantages :-

Available from 110 countries.
Termination to almost all over the world.
Access from payphones, landline and Mobile phone.
Charge for the call will be to the called party and it’s free for the caller.
Available via VOIP/TDM interconnection.
Competitive rates.
High retail call quality.

Summary of ITFS Services:

Coverage- 110+ countries.
Numbering Format- Specific to country of origination different numbers.
Assignment of Number- Origin carrier chooses and assign toll-free number.
Cell flow- Direct dialing.

Clients can expand ITFS services to provide in international market for:-

• Call Centers.
• Audio Conferencing.
• Calling card services for both pre-paid /Postpaid.
• Business support.
• Hotline for product support.
• International business.