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Who we are?

Top Telecom is a wholesale leading carrier in trading of International Voice Services for Telecom operators.

Top Telecom has been founded in 2015 with Reg. Num-201543659M by managers holding vast experiences in Telecom market.

We are young dynamic with top class of sense and team spirit. We are flexible, proactive and experienced. We deliver you top class services and personal approach to your business needs in terms of quality and cost. Our highly qualified NOC team is based in Europe.

Top Telecom sells wholesale Voice Services (Telephone calls, SMS) through connections between its infrastructure and networks of the major telecom operators.

Our focus is the development of direct routes to operators in emerging markets such as Africa, Middle East and Asia, providing one of the most flexible termination services on the market in terms of QoS, Customer support and technical implementation and pricing.

Why Top Telecom?

“We deliver the best as clients expect”


  • Holding the vast experience in the telecom sector and our Strategic partnerships, Top Telecom is positioned as one of the leading carrier in the short interval of time.
    We focus to continue to invest high quality network to meet the demand of clients. We ensure that our clients have access to the best solution together with our customers and supplier.


  • Our Top class of sense of team spirit, we integrate leadership throughout the organization:-
    Sales leaderships to build and maintain customer relationships.
    Operational leaderships to ensure the efficient service delivery.
    Technical leadership to ensure the best innovative solution.
    Business leaderships to best position our organization within the telecom market.

Unique team

  • We have a unique group of team who have rare mix of technical and sales service skills.

    This is one of the reason that we have been able to grow quickly and keep long term business relationships with our clients.

Advantages of doing Business with Top Telecom.

1. Integrated management of VOIP/SIP and TDM connection.
2. Deliver the quality of services(QOS) which customers need.
3. Multiple routing tables, customer dedicated routing plan.
4. Best rate in the carrier to carrier market.
5. Fast interconnection with short time frame.
6. Interconnection with Top TIER1’s carriers.
7. Increase profits.
8. 24/7 customer and Technical Support.
9. Customer Satisfaction.
10. Quality is Priority.